Meet Our Staff

  • Geno Lozano - President (Founder Of Geno's Auto Body)

    Geno is founder of Geno's Auto Body since 2003 becoming one of the area's leading repair facilities equipped to serve customers needs. As a young adult Geno Lozano always had a strong passion with cars, his interest started at 17 years old and with supportive parents he was able to confidently move into the car industry , with a lot of hard work and dedication he started to build relationships with customers, restore confidence and provide outstanding customer service. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, without our customers we wouldn't be where we are today.

    " Our commitment to quality does not stop with the automobiles we repair or the people who repair them; it also applies to the outstanding customer service. Service that we are proud of."
    -Geno Lozano

  • Selena Lozano - General Manager

    Selena has joined the family owned buisness beside her father Geno Lozano. She’s been surrounded by the automotive industry all her life and joining the team she's been a great asset. She is the oldest of the Lozano kids and has been able to really see this company grow from the ground up beside her family. She understands the value of customer satisfaction and the importance it is to build relationships with our customers to really make them part of this company. She understands the process needed to provide high repair quality and is constantly looking for ways to better enhance the customer experience and help the company stay up to date with the best machinery an auto body can offer helping us with all the upcoming enhances and technologies in newer vehicles. Both her and her father have a close relationship and are glad to be working beside each other and cannot wait to see what the future holds for Geno's Auto Body Inc..

    “Being surrounded by the automotive industry my entire life has been a whirlwind. I remember being so young and seeing the company start in a small office with a little garage to a big facility where we have completed hundreds of cars and grown immensely, it has been an incredible thing to see. I could truthfully say that being so young and being surrounded by this industry I have really been able to appreciate and value the actions that occur behind the scenes. We as a team work hard to provide superb customer service and high quality repair while ensuring our customers that we offer a lifetime guarantee for all the repairs completed in our facilities. I am proud to be a part of this diverse company and the family that has been built throughout the years. I'm also pleased to say that every customer that enters through our facility leaves an everlasting impression as we wish to complete the same in our customers life. Welcome to the family!!”
    - Selena Lozano, General Manager for Geno's Auto Body Inc.

  • Jaime P. - Manager

    Jaime is a new addition to our management team at Geno’s Auto Body Inc., but he possesses over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry. Throughout his journey he has started out in the collision repair industry as a detailer and since then has held every position within a shop. He constantly emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction and quality above everything else. Jaime wows his customers and coworkers with his resiliance and organized mannerism towards his approach regarding the repair of your vehicles and is also bilingual speaking spanish fluently. We are delighted to have Jaime as part of our team and his never ending contribution here at our Geno’s Auto Body Inc, Antioch Location.

    "I love what I do and in my 25+ years of experience my love for the automotive industry has only gotten stronger. I love working here! Geno’s Auto Body Inc. really emphasizes the importance of a family oriented expierence and they never let that down. Having this opportunity not only brings me joy but also gives this company a chance to bring joy to everyone who walks through that door. I am proud to be part of a team that really values their teammates and customers. Geno’s is constantly listening to feedback and taking it to encounter for future decisions or changes. We are aware that the automobile industry is always changing and we stay current in regards to training and tools necessary to offer the best quality of repair!"
    -Jaime P, Production Manager for Geno’s Auto Body in Antioch