Geno's Auto Body Inc. Process

Repair Process

Need Repairs? The collision repair process at Geno's Auto Body Inc. is exceptional and offers a one of a kind experience. Throughout our 17 year journey in the automotive industry we have been able to create a great team who not only care about your vehicle but our customers as well providing a family experience. We are here to assure you the customer we are here for support as we know this may be a difficult time for multiple reasons. The repair process is the exact same at any of the 3 Geno's Auto Body Inc. locations, so that every customer can rest assured that they are recieving the finest collision repair anyone in this business can offer with reasonable pricing and performed with our excellent I-CAR certified technicians.

STEP ONE: Getting Started

The process begins with making a call to any of our locations nearest to you to create an appointment. We also accept walk-ins! Before any repairs can be made an estimate has to be created which will include all labor and parts. Our estimator will then give you a completion time that will be done to create the estimate for your vehicle. After it is completed, you’ll be given a contact information sheet to confirm we have the correct contact information for your vehicle as well as a repair authorization for our Self-Pays and/or customers going through insurance. If a rental is needed we do work with rental companies and we can help arrange a rental car. Our estimator will then proceed to be in contact with the insurance company and receive approval. The repair process can now begin!!

STEP TWO: Disassembly, Parts

We will proceed with disassembling the damaged parts of the vehicle that the estimator had covered on the estimate with given authorization from the customer. Through the disassembly stage we will be able to identify all the damage related to the collision. If additional damage has been found we will proceed with creating a supplement with the additional damage found and will send it to the insurance for approval and update our customer. When approved we will be in contact with you to go over the new target day of completion via phone, email, or text and send a Docusign with the new updated estimate and require signatures to continue the repairs. We will then process the supplement and begin ordering the parts needed and be in contact with the vendor to assure the correct parts are ordered and be on track with our estimated completion date.

STEP THREE: Prep & Paint

We will continue the process by prepping the vehicle before entering into our paint stage. This includes body smoothing and sanding. We will continue with priming the vehicles parts and match the vehicles color with our state of the art paint booth to assure your vehicle matches and looks in the best shape possible. We will proceed with the clear coat being applied to the painted parts of your vehicle. We will now undergo our first quality inspection ensuring the paint has been properly matched and looking flawless.

STEP FOUR: Reassembly & Final Quality Inspection

Your vehicle will now be in the second to last step before releasing. We will begin reassembling the vehicle back together. After it has been reassembled it will enter into our detail station where it will be lightly detailed and after that has been completed your designated estimator will now complete the final Quality Control inspection assuring the vehicle has been completed to its pre-accident condition.

STEP FIVE: Scheduling Pick Up & Lifetime Warranty

We will be in contact with you to share the exciting news that your vehicle is ready to go home! Our receptionist will schedule a pick up time that works for you and upon your arrival you will meet with your estimator one last time to go over the repair of your vehicle and answer any additional questions that you may have. We also proceed to reemphasize that you have a lifetime warranty at any of our locations regarding any of the repairs completed here in our facility.